Discovering the TOP Admin by Handwriting (,,,,

Discovering the TOP Admin by Handwriting (,,,,
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Indeed, you can count the top admins in the HYIP industry on the fingers of two hands, but there are those who have successfully promoted their product to the masses for a long period: not just one or two years, and have provided their investors with more 200% net profit for the period after rebranding, not to mention working as a «partisan»?

We believe that our blog should have an article about, we are not afraid of this word, a top admin who is called «grandpa». We will try to analyze the features of his work for you, by what signs you can recognize him, and what were the results of working with him on our blog in previous projects.

P.S. The article was updated on 24.01.2022, and information about the completed HYIP project Zetbull was added.


Sometimes, investors see how long an investment project has been running and think, «How could I have missed this project?», «Where was I before?». This article is aimed at getting to know one of the top admins in today's realities who has been bringing income to his investors for far from the first year.

Every day, dozens of projects are launched in the HYIP industry, and we would like to create an investment portfolio for ourselves from quality projects for further stable profit with minimal risks. In the industry, there are experienced admins who always provide profit, but how can you identify them? We have an article on our blog about how to identify admins by handwriting. We recommend checking it out:

Let's delve into questions like: «who is this 'grandpa'?», Signs of «grandpa». For you, we will analyze the results of our work with his previous projects.

Why «Grandpa»?

This admin in the HYIP industry started being called 'grandpa' because of one of his most successful projects, DDfutures. Well, why not? DDfutures and «grandpa» are practically synonymous. The aforementioned HYIP project worked for 585 days while being in the «partisan» stage for about a year.

Signs of «Grandpa»

Believe me, after rebranding, you will immediately recognize or at least suspect that «grandpa» is here, but let's talk about the signs of «grandpa» that exist both in the «partisan» stage and in the active phase.

1. Starting from the «partisan» stage. If you have noticed, you might have seen that in absolutely all investment projects from this admin, the start begins with work in the shadows.

2. Russian PM (Perfect Money). You may have noticed a series of Russian Perfect Money wallets in his working projects. A coincidence? We don't think so! (Update as of 24.01.2022: Due to the situation surrounding the Perfect Money payment system, «grandpa» has stopped working with this payment system. We do not exclude that in the next project, work will start with the stablecoin Tether).

3. One TS. A preference for the same TS on forums. «Grandpa» likes to start with the TS under the nickname mixpepper22 on MMGP.

4. GoldCoders Script, DDOS-Guard Hosting, and EV SSL Certificate. The following feature has been noticed - projects from this admin run exclusively on the GoldCoders script, hosted on DDOS-Guard hosting, and have always had an EV SSL certificate. There are many projects with these characteristics, so it is not worth considering this as a sign of «grandpa».

5. Deposit Limits. In three out of five projects listed by us in the «partisan» stage, limits were set on the maximum deposit of $500, and only 1 active deposit was allowed. After transitioning from the «partisan» stage to projects like Der Global, BSfinance, Comex Trades, and Zetbull, deposit limits were set at $100 per active deposit. Gradually, the maximum deposit amount increased.

6. Smooth Start after Rebranding. After the project adopts a new design, changes its lineup of investment plans, gradually adds payment systems, switches from a «partisan» affiliate program to a classic 5% - 2% - 1% commission structure based on partner deposits, increases the maximum deposit amount, and the number of active deposits.

7. Marketing. In the «partisan» stage, it was already difficult to define marketing, as «grandpa» started experimenting. However, after rebranding, the marketing initially changed to 1.5% per working day for 20 days with a deposit return at the end of the term, but then changed to 2.1% daily for 20 days with a deposit return at the end of the term.

8. Approximately the Same Start and Rebranding Dates. The start of projects by «grandpa» falls at the end or beginning of the year. Rebranding occurs in the fall or winter.

Results in Projects from the Top Admin

This admin generates enormous excitement after rebranding, making it hard to resist depositing. We have worked with him more than once and want to share our overall and individual results for the project. Let's sum up the work of his projects - a bit of mathematics, graphs, and text.

  • DDfutures
  • Der Global
  • BSfinance
  • Comex Trades
  • Zetbull


Top administrators in the high-yield investment program (HYIP) industry are worth their weight in gold. It's very important to distinguish a top administrator from a newcomer. In this article, you could learn about the main signs of one of the top administrators known as «grandpa». If you think we missed something or wrote something incorrectly, please let us know in the comments.

We're always happy to see this administrator in the HYIP industry and, especially, on our blog because profitable results are always guaranteed. The administrator doesn't come for small change, and the deposits in his projects amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this article, we covered why this administrator is called «grandpa», the results of his past projects, and highlighted the main characteristics of «grandpa».

We hope you read our article to the end, and it was interesting and helpful for you. We put a lot of effort into it.

P.S. As «grandpa» announced in one of his Telegram channels regarding his past projects, his team is going on a long vacation, and it's possible that we shouldn't expect any projects from them in 2022. Whether this is true or not will be revealed over time, but we believe that there will likely be many clones, so it's necessary to be extremely cautious in choosing a project.

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