Review and Feedback on the Perfect Money Payment System

Review and Feedback on the Perfect Money Payment System
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PerfectMoney is a payment system designed for making various payments and purchasing goods and services online. It has been successfully operating for over ten years.

The system is used by numerous people around the world. It offers the option to store savings in dollars, euros, gold, and bitcoins.

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Perfect Money in HYIPs

Perfect Money is currently the most demanded e-wallet in the HYIP industry. It is used in 90% of HYIPs, and it's hard to imagine them without it. Perfect Money might not have the friendliest interface, but most importantly, it fulfills its obligations and provides good conditions for verified users.


Let's explore why this wallet is chosen for investing in HYIPs. We have prepared the following list of advantages:

  • Stable and long-term operation. The system has been functioning for over ten years and has already gained wide popularity worldwide. With this e-wallet, users can instantly conduct transactions from anywhere in the world.
  • anonymity. It is completely anonymous and does not provide user information to government bodies.
  • Reduced commission for verified users. Verified members are charged a laughable commission of 0.5% for transfers.
  • No transaction limits.
  • Convenient methods for depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • Security. Security settings allow to maximally protect the wallet from intruders.
  • Availability of a referral affiliate program.


There are not many disadvantages to this payment system, but they exist:

  • Design. The payment system has an inconvenient interface and outdated service design, which probably hasn't been updated since its inception. Some users, after just one look at the site, prefer other resources.
  • Complex verification process. The verification process deters many potential system participants.
  • Increased commission for unverified users. Unverified users pay a 2% commission per transaction.

Instruction for use

We have prepared a detailed instruction for using the Perfect Money payment system, which includes account registration, instruction for transferring money, and withdrawing funds.

  • Registration
  • Instructions for transferring money within the system
  • Withdrawing funds


The theft of funds from electronic wallets has long ceased to surprise anyone. Often, intruders use viruses to hack accounts.

PerfectMoney offers a reliable security system that can protect your monetary savings.

  • Authentication check. If someone attempts to log in from a different IP address or computer, a special code is sent to the user's email.
  • SMS confirmation. When this option is activated, a special code is sent directly to the mobile phone instead of the email. This method is more reliable, but each SMS message costs 10 cents.
  • Code card. The system generates one-time passwords sent to the user's email. One of them needs to be entered during each login. Keep the passwords in a safe place and delete the email since emails can be hacked. Many experts advise not to store passwords electronically but to write them down in a notebook.

Wallet Replenishment

The most preferred method is replenishment through exchangers. The exchange monitor will help perform a gradation and find the most favorable rate.

The account can also be replenished with a special E-voucher. It is a virtual card of a certain denomination. Using the voucher, users can deposit or withdraw funds from the system or transfer them to each other.

Credit Exchange

The service allows users to lend to each other using the credit exchange.

It's presumed that developers hoped to make participants' lives easier, but in practice, it turned out the opposite. The fact is, when a user takes and returns money with interest, he earns reviews and a positive rating, which lenders rely on.

Some users deliberately take small amounts to earn a reputation, only to disappear with larger sums later. Experts do not recommend trying to profit on the exchange.

Verification in the System

Users who have undergone the verification process have confirmed their identity. For them, the commission on any transactions is automatically reduced from 1.99% to 0.5%. When dealing with large sums of money, the reduction in commission is quite significant.

To undergo verification, you need to:

  • Provide a photo/scan of a passport or driver's license. Ensure the documents are readable. Avoid sunlight glare or poor lighting when taking photos.
  • A photocopy of a utility bill with an address and full name. If it is not possible to provide the mentioned documents, go to any bank and order a statement that includes your surname and initials.
  • Confirm your mobile phone number. After you provide your number, a call will be made, and an answering machine will dictate a set of numbers in English.

Affiliate Program

Any user can earn passive income in the system in two ways:

Affiliate program. The system pays referrers 1% of the balance of funds in the referral's account. To earn, people need to register through your link, which is available in your personal account.

Additional interest accrual. Users are credited with 4% annual interest on the total amount of funds in the account.

Review of Perfect Money

Despite the payment system's rather long period of operation, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Participants like its anonymity, reliability, and simplicity. Thanks to accessible methods for depositing/withdrawing funds, the number of users increases every day.

If you are planning to use the Perfect Money payment system, we would recommend you to undergo verification for more comfortable use. If you are having trouble with verification, you can write to us, and we will try to help you. Remember, after undergoing verification, the commission for transactions is reduced from 1.99% to 0.5%, which is quite significant.

The anonymity of this payment system attracts HYIP admins and investors. The payment system does not provide data to governments.

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