Projects "Outside the Blog"

In this section, we will publish information about projects that we are tracking but are not on our monitoring list. The information will cover interesting newcomers, unpromising newcomers, recent scams, as well as the top 3 interesting investment projects "outside monitoring" (possibly expanding the top in the future) in our opinion.

This page is created to report on the movement of funds in each asset that will be presented here.

There is no insurance or listings for these projects, but we do not rule out the possibility that a promising project may appear on our blog with a review. You should be aware of the risks.

Do we pay referral commissions for projects in this section? Yes - 50%


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    akimskate 23-Feb, 15:51

    The amount of 0.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:..

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    richmonkey 23-Feb, 11:58

    🤑 Получили выплату +5$..

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    richmonkey 23-Feb, 11:48

    🤑 Получили выплату +10$..

    Пользователь HyipMoney
    HyipMoney 22-Feb, 21:29

    ✅ PAYING Aitimart Дата операции: 22 Фев 2024 20:50 ID операции: 2029143234 Тип операции:..

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    Upayhyip 22-Feb, 20:42

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    Пользователь sattor92
    sattor92 22-Feb, 19:51

    проект очень радует! моментальная выплата..