Perfect Money's Exit from the HYIP Industry. What are the Alternatives?

Perfect Money's Exit from the HYIP Industry. What are the Alternatives?
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Soon, specifically on June 10, one of the most popular payment systems in the HYIP industry, Perfect Money, will be leaving us. Investors and admins alike are in shock. In this article, we will delve into the news of the payment system's departure and discuss the alternatives available to us.

The Departure News

The first to announce the cessation of work with Perfect Money was the well-known project Zetbull, which didn't really explain much, but rumors quickly spread online that PM is changing its terms of working with HYIPs. Now, instead of 0.5% for a verified account, a 9.99% fee will be charged on funds received into the account balance, which is quite significant. These changes will come into effect on June 10.

Investors tried to find out whether this was true by contacting the payment system's support. We cannot vouch for the authenticity of the screenshot. Here is what the ticket submission looked like:

What to Expect in the HYIP Industry. Our Opinion on the Situation

PM has made an interesting decision indeed. They say that HYIPs are high-risk, and we won't stop working with them. You may lose your money there, but we'll just charge you more in fees. They could have done what AdvCash and Payeer did, completely stopping work with HYIPs. Clearly, HYIP admins will not agree with these terms and are already looking for alternatives, which we will discuss in the section below.

We think that HYIPs will definitely continue their operations. Of course, there will be a wave of scams, which is inevitable, but the situation will change. Project admins are not ready to lose money from this industry and will come up with ways to get out of the current situation.

As we see it, there is a solution in the form of Tether TRC-20 and ERC-20, about which we recently wrote a detailed article:

We believe there's a chance that the company will reconsider taking such a high fee from HYIP admins, retract the news, revert everything back to how it was, and HYIP operations will continue as before. Why not? PM might see a significant outflow of funds from their wallets and could change their decision. After all, how did they earn? A commission of 0.5% or 1.99% was charged on transfers, thereby covering the payment system's efforts. We think that HYIPs are not a small industry and ceasing to work with it could lead to no one using PM, as currently, the payment system is used only in HYIPs and on small websites. More serious companies use other payment methods.


Let's briefly look at the alternatives available to investors and project admins after the departure of Perfect Money:

  • Tether and other cryptocurrencies. Primarily, this is the obvious transition to cryptocurrencies. The stablecoin Tether has already started to smoothly replace Perfect Money, and admins frequently use other cryptocurrencies as well. The only major downside is the fees and transaction time;
  • Payment system NixMoney. For some reason, everyone forgot about this payment system, which is a pity! It was actively used in HYIP projects before. According to information in our chat, they have some issues with developer documentation on their website. It's simply unavailable. Perhaps that's the reason. This payment system was connected to H-Script, but since the developers stopped releasing updates, the script's security is at risk. In principle, admins continue to use it. Currently, NixMoney can be seen in the project Superkopilka. The GoldCoders script also supports this payment system. NixMoney is present on the exchange monitor with reserves. An exchange from PM, for example, would incur a loss of ~3%;
  • Payment system ePayCore. This option seems unlikely, but why not? However, looking at the situation with ePayCore, trust also plays a crucial role here;
  • The launch of a new payment system. This option also seems unlikely, but again, why not? True, given the situation with ePayCore, trust is again a crucial factor;
  • Merchant for payment acceptance. Don't forget that there are merchants for accepting payments like PayKassa, FreeKassa, etc., which act as intermediaries. Whether it's feasible and possible to use them to circumvent the new rules? We cannot say yet.


It can be said that HYIPs are currently in a state of limbo due to the current situation, but it's not as bleak as it might seem at first glance.

We do have alternatives to the departing payment system, and that's a fact. We shouldn't rule out that project admins might come up with something else, or the payment system will back out of the new terms. Anything is possible.

It's unclear what the future holds for HYIPs, but we tend to think that there will be fewer poorly prepared schoolchildren, scam projects, etc., as it now becomes harder for admins to work with HYIPs. We lean towards the idea that HYIPs will continue their operations, but we'll soon see in what form.

We believe that now is the time for everyone to start using cryptocurrency and understand all its nuances. Perhaps other payment systems will emerge to replace Perfect Money. For example, NixMoney, which was previously used, or PM itself may change its terms for working with HYIPs, seeing a significant outflow of funds. There's also a chance that admins will find ways to circumvent the fees, as Antares Trade accepts payments through an external merchant.

In this article, we discussed the news of the increased commission by Perfect Money, expressed our opinion on the situation, and reviewed the alternatives available to us.

Write in the comments what you think the future holds for HYIPs.

We hope this article was useful to you. Wishing everyone successful and profitable investments!

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