Want insurance!? Write comments and reviews! We give you the word :)

Want insurance!? Write comments and reviews! We give you the word :)
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Negativity prevails over positivity, and it will always be this way. It's time for a change. Can you get insurance by writing comments about your deposit and payouts!?

Previously, we wrote an article: Want to earn more? Leave reviews about hyips!, but most people wanted to ignore any requests, even those in the investors' interests :( That's why this discussion article has appeared.

What's the main problem? Insurance may not be enough for everyone!

Our insurance is distributed proportionally to losses: What is insurance in hyips? Deposit protection from losses. If the total loss is $200 for a $100 deposit, the compensation will be 50% of the losses. It doesn't consider the deposit amount, deposit date, or monitoring activity. Nothing is taken into account. We asked you to report insurance on the monitoring (but many don't even do that). Now, there's one condition: you must receive a referral commission from us (be a first-level referral). Where does this lead? We have been observing all this for a long time, and it leads to unfairness!

Negativity Triumphs in Insurance

  • A person writes 10 times and everywhere that they didn't receive insurance. And they don't care why they didn't get it: not a referral, applied too late, didn't apply at all, the entire amount has already been distributed to others. They will write that we are scammers, pay me.
  • We often distribute significant insurance amounts. Do you think anyone reports that they received $25-$50, or any amount back? Not really, only a few do. Maybe even some normal investors get the impression that it's fiction. Trolls are happy to say they keep it all for themselves. We spend a day on these distributions!
  • You can read that they received so little, but much less frequently, wow, there was 100% compensation. And this is categorically wrong. It spreads more floods and nonsense, like insurance is just marketing and doesn't give anything. What about the fact that there have been many projects lately where you can break even.
  • They deposit $500 and take most of the insurance for themselves. Moreover, they don't help the project at all! NOT AT ALL! And they create a load. You are making it worse for yourselves. Why can't you leave a comment in a couple of seconds? But when a scam happens, most of the money will probably go to you!

Look at how many positive aspects arise if we introduce MANDATORY commenting on your actions on the monitoring.

Requiring Posting on Monitoring and Defeating Negativity

  • One false negative person will be drowned out by a mass of positive reviews!
  • There will be irrefutable evidence that insurance works 100%. Big investors will understand that compensation of $50-$100, no matter how much, is paid without any problems. Our time will stop being wasted on monitoring, and there will be useful comments about receiving - positivity!
  • The myth that insurance is just marketing will be dispelled. Investors will write, «I received 100% compensation, here's my transfer».
  • Very important point. If there's not enough insurance for everyone, we can filter out those who did nothing! Deposited $500 and never wrote anything! We have every right not to pay and support those who were active and cared about the project!

Overall activity on monitoring will increase, which means projects will run longer. Positivity is VERY important!

What to Write About

To guarantee insurance, I suggest writing in the project thread, for example, BITCY.

1. Creating a deposit - be sure to provide details! Amount, transaction ID, time. A screenshot is not necessary; you can use text.

2. Receiving a referral commission! Be sure to provide details! Amount, transaction ID, time. So trolls can't say no one is paid :) A screenshot is not necessary; you can use text.

3. Receiving payouts. I understand that writing about it every day may not be possible for everyone, but anyone can do it a couple of times a week! It's crucial because someone looks at the project's card and then asks whether they pay or if there are any depositors. This is negativity, and everyone is getting paid, but it's too lazy to write :(.

4. You need to report when you break even or profit. Again, everyone is happy to write how bad the admin is and that we all lost here. But why not write when the admin has been working for a long time, and there's no positivity? Or when one full circle is completed, why not write about it? A couple of words. I'm in profit by $10, that's all!

5. Posting in the thread about receiving insurance, but I've already told you about it above. Mandatory! Next time we might refuse...

In the New System, We Don't See Any Negatives, Do You?

Yes, to post on monitoring, you need to register in 1 minute! The rules will apply to all new projects, and write about old ones too :)

This will be a new stage of development, and we don't see any negatives! This way, we will help everyone at once! Three parties: investors, monitoring, and the admin, are interested in the project's long-term success, except for the scammer! What do you think? Are you ready for positive changes?

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