Weekly report on HYIP projects for 18.03.24 – 24.03.24

Weekly report on HYIP projects for 18.03.24 – 24.03.24

March is gradually coming to its logical conclusion. We invite you to review the events of the week that occurred with projects on our monitoring blog over the past week.

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New projects

wizerpeople.com Среднедоходный
Дата старта 22.03.2024
Бонус +3% от вклада
Выплаты Инстант
Ввод / вывод от 20$ / от 5$

Новый среднедоходный хайп проект был добавлен к нам на блог. На первый взгялд выглядит перспективно. Видно, что над разработкой постарались. В настоящее время проект стоит рассматривать как отличный вариант для диверсификации.

TOP by deposits

taxi-money.info Medium Yield
Start date 22.05.2014
Bonus +5% of deposit
Team turnover $124,071

The economic game with money withdrawal continues to demonstrate its functionality.

safeassets.com Low Yield
Start date 31.03.2022
Bonus +3% of deposit
Insurance $500
Team turnover $5,674

Another week of operation has been completed for this low-income HYIP project.

aitimart.com Medium Yield
Start date 06.02.2024
Bonus +1% of the deposit
Insurance $700
Team turnover $2,588

We have drawn interim conclusions about the project. A month on the blog! The mid-income HYIP project with a piggy bank feature shows stable operation. After being posted on the blog, it was possible to earn +30% net profit.

The administration announced that new replenishment methods have been added: USDT [ERC-20], USDC [BEP-20], Ripple, Tron, Stellar, BNB, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.


metago.live Low Yield
Start date 15.02.2024
Bonus +5% of the deposit
Team turnover

We have written a detailed text review and recorded a video review of the project. We recommend checking them out!

Scams of the week

  • SoleyScam date

    We didn’t expect this kind of job. Many of us switched to a new tariff, resulting in losses. Overall, there's information that after the introduction of the new tariff, many large deposits were withdrawn. There was a similar situation before, but the admin managed to work decently for a while and provided good profits. Perhaps the admin decided that he couldn’t sustain the project any longer, plus the crypto became more expensive, and he needed to pay out interest and return deposits in it, but that's no excuse, we are dissatisfied with the work.

Video review

You can watch a video report on the events of the past week in a convenient format on our Youtube channel.

Income Table for the Week

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that income calculation is carried out from the perspective of a regular investor without taking into account partner earnings.

# Project Daily
1 Taxi Money 1.1% 7.7% 235,000₽ 2,585₽ 18,095₽
2 Safe Assets 0.27% 1.89% $200 $0.54 $3.78
3 Bitcobid 2% $1,000 $20
4 Planetary Asset 0.6% 3% $200 $1.2 $6
5 Aitimart 1% 7% $300 $3 $21
6 Metago ~1.4% ~9.8% 700$ 9.8$ 68.6$
7 Wizerpeople 2% 2% 500$ 10$ 10$
Total Invested: $5,947 Daily Income: $58.06 (+0.98%) Weekly Income: $364.00 (+6.12%)

Weekly highlights

The blog is slowly but surely being updated with interesting new additions. We hope for good results.

We remind you that we are looking for additional ways to earn money. Share your ideas in the comments below this news:

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  2. Managerruslan 30 March 2024 21:52

    Очень ждем новинок)

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