Cryptocurrency Airdrops: What Are They and How Can You Earn From Them?

Cryptocurrency Airdrops: What Are They and How Can You Earn From Them?
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Let's discuss what cryptocurrency airdrops are and how you can earn from them. If you're already familiar with crypto, you've definitely heard the term "airdrop." If not, let's get into it.

What Is an Airdrop?

A cryptocurrency airdrop is essentially a free distribution of tokens or coins. Imagine walking down the street and having a bunch of money thrown into your hands. That's roughly how airdrops work, but virtually. Cryptocurrency projects use airdrops to draw attention to their startup, increase their user base, and spread their tokens among a wide audience.

Why Are They Needed?

From the project's perspective, an airdrop is a marketing move. It helps create buzz around the project, attract new users, and even increase the token's value. From the user's perspective, it's a chance to receive cryptocurrency for free and, if lucky, earn from its growth.

How to Earn From Airdrops?

  • Stay informed. Keep up with news in the cryptocurrency world, subscribe to thematic channels and forums. The sooner you learn about an upcoming airdrop, the better.
  • Participate actively. Some airdrops require specific actions: reposts on social media, participation in groups or forums. Be active, and your chances of receiving tokens will increase.
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Participate in several airdrops at once. Some may not be as profitable as expected, but among them, there could be real gems.
  • Be cautious. There are many scammers in the cryptocurrency world. Never give out your private keys or send cryptocurrency to dubious projects.

Examples of Successful Airdrops

Uniswap (UNI): Wallet owners who had used the platform before a certain date received 400 UNI tokens. With the token price at about $3 at the time of the airdrop, this equaled $1200. Now, imagine that the price of UNI has increased significantly!

Stellar (XLM): Stellar distributed a significant amount of its tokens to blockchain users. This was one of the largest airdrops in terms of the total value of the distributed tokens.


Airdrops are not only a way to get free cryptocurrencies but also an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with new projects and technologies in the blockchain world. The main thing is to approach participation in airdrops wisely and cautiously to avoid becoming a victim of scammers. Good luck in searching for your crypto treasure!

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