Who are paid posters? Learning how to recognize them

Who are paid posters? Learning how to recognize them
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It's no secret that the life of a HYIP project is practically impossible without advertising and an additional influx of money. Therefore, platforms are conventionally promoted in various ways.

Paid posting is one of them. Let's understand the definition and how to identify paid posters in the HYIP industry.

Who are paid posters

Surely you have often seen suspicious comments from newcomers or experienced users not from our industry who sing praises in topics related to a specific project. These are ordered and paid comments aimed at promoting the project. So who are these paid posters? Let's figure it out.

A paid poster is a person who promotes a project by leaving various comments in forum threads, blogs, or monitoring sites, praising the project or posting payments (mostly large ones), thereby enhancing the reputation of the promoted project or, on the contrary, may lower the reputation of a competitor.

Usually, such a service is paid directly by the project administration or through an open deposit for a specific person.

Why are they needed

Numerous positive reviews allow the project administration to create a positive information field around a relatively unknown project, which makes it more effective to manage the reputation.

The answer to the question «why they are needed» is already on the surface, and you could probably read it. With paid posting, investors get the impression of activity and prospects for the project.

How it works

Let's move from words to action and immediately give an example of how it works:

The project administrator pays for the service to a person on the forum. He immediately opens a deposit in the project for the entire amount, posts about it, saying that he created a deposit. The advantage for the administration is that the money is already on the balance of their project. Accordingly, they can repeat this service, but with another person, and pay only a percentage. Everyone is in the black, but the project administrator is in a bigger plus.

As you may have understood, the mechanism here was the payment of a percentage of the created deposit for the service. Everything the paid poster withdraws is theirs.

Unfortunately, reviews are one of the most important indicators in a new project, so this scheme works, especially on newcomers.

There is a whole layer of investors whom you will not see in normal projects, only in fast scams because they are engaged in paid posting. They do not invest their money but only earn through paid posting.

How to Identify a Paid Poster

There are specific signs to help identify a paid poster:

  • Negative comments towards competitors: As mentioned earlier, paid posters may not only praise a project but also undermine it with negative comments. If you see a well-prepared project suddenly receiving negative comments, there is a high probability it's a paid poster, but, of course, criticism should not be ruled out;
  • Messages from newcomers: You may notice messages from newly registered forum users who invest in a new project with their first account message. What a coincidence that the account was created on the project's launch day;
  • Short fake messages: Criteria for these include comments like «project pays» (without a statement), «admin is great», etc. It's worth noting that in some cases, comments may be genuine, but generally, these are lazy paid posters;
  • Small deposits from the start: From the beginning, you may see dozens of messages with minimal deposits and praising comments. Obviously, these are paid posters;
  • Large deposits: Project admins often create large deposits and payouts, setting up multiple accounts on forums, blogs, and monitors. It's easy to do, and the effect on newcomers is surprising. Yes, multi-accounts get banned, but not always immediately;
  • Experienced paid poster: We assure you that spotting these is not easy because they strive to resemble regular investors as much as possible. The services of such paid posters are much more expensive than those of ordinary ones;
  • Off-target paid poster: These are paid posters who leave comments not related to our theme. For example, on crypto blogs, forex traders, etc.


In this article, we have discussed the layer of investors known as paid posters. We hope that the essence of their work has been described as clearly as possible.

We did not answer one of the main questions, «Are paid posters good or bad?» From the admin's perspective, no; from the newcomer's perspective, yes. In general, we believe that you should be the one to answer this question.

Perhaps we missed something. Write to us about it in the comments; it will be interesting to read not only for us but also for the readers of our blog.

Invest successfully and profitably with RichMonkey.biz! Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

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