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In the hyip industry, exchanging funds is simply necessary to facilitate work with projects. Fortunately, there is a service called an exchange monitoring service called, which allows you to choose an exchange with a more favorable rate and additionally earn.

This service can boast access to more than 400 reliable exchanges, as well as a wide selection of exchange directions. We'll cover everything step by step in our article about the relatively young exchange monitoring service

Registration on Bitcoin Market Global Advantages and Disadvantages

As you may have already guessed by reading the article's description, is an exchange monitoring service. So, what does that mean? Exchange monitoring is all about tracking services that provide exchange services, displaying more favorable rates for existing directions, and verifying their reliability.

This service started its operations not too long ago, specifically in 2019. Its development is gradual, and at the time of writing this article, the exchange monitoring looks and feels quite promising.

Let's take a look at the existing advantages and disadvantages of exchange monitoring on


  • Large number of exchange points. There are indeed many exchange points, with the monitoring providing access to over 400 reliable exchange offices with a total reserve fund of 5 billion dollars;
  • Wide range of exchange directions. You have access to cryptocurrencies, payment systems, cryptocurrency exchange codes, bank cards, money transfers, and even cash for exchanges;
  • Intuitive user interface. The website is quite simple and user-friendly;
  • Additional earning opportunities. In addition to providing verified exchange offices, the service offers the opportunity to receive cashback for each transaction, earn bonuses for reviews, and also has an affiliate program.


  • Monitoring's service life. The service is relatively young, starting its operations in 2019. As we know, this can significantly affect customer trust.

Despite the significant advantages, users have heard little about this service so far. We hope that our article will help you understand everything. By the way, nothing prevents you from testing the exchange offices with small amounts and drawing your own conclusions. We believe that nothing bad can happen since all exchange offices are carefully selected by the monitoring service.

Cashback and Affiliate Program

Cashback is the refund of a portion of the exchanged funds using exchange monitoring (the term is adapted to the article's theme, but it may sound differently in other contexts).

After making an exchange, you will receive cashback ranging from 0.1% to 1% in your personal account. The percentage depends on the conditions of the exchange office you use. You need to request cashback, and we will describe how to do it in the instructions for working with exchange monitoring.

The service is interested in promoting itself. They offer us an affiliate program that consists of 0.1% of the exchange amount of your partners who requested cashback.

You can promote your affiliate link by placing it on websites, in social networks, and also by recommending the service to friends and acquaintances. Participate in the affiliate program and earn extra income!

In addition, you can receive $0.1 as cashback for a review of the exchange you conducted.

Instructions for Working with Exchange Monitoring

We have prepared some instructions for working with exchange monitoring to help you get started more quickly.

  • Registration
  • Cashback Request
  • How to Make an Exchange


It can be concluded that is an excellent tool for finding the necessary exchange direction and service where you can execute it. The website is intuitive, and registered users have additional earning opportunities through cashback, reviews, and an affiliate program.

The service is young and requires customer support, so we recommend at least visiting and exploring the website. Most likely, you will find it useful!

In addition to advantages, disadvantages, and other information, we have described how to use the exchange monitoring.

Write in the comments: Have you had a chance to try the new exchange monitoring service Share your impressions with our partners.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Wishing everyone successful and profitable investments!

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