Trustee Wallet – Review and feedback on the cryptocurrency wallet

Trustee Wallet – Review and feedback on the cryptocurrency wallet
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The number of cryptocurrency users is rapidly growing every day. Most people want to try working with this instrument but encounter a number of difficulties.

There are several wallets or applications that can be used for storing cryptocurrencies, and Trustee Wallet is one of such tools.

What are the advantages, features, and is it worth using? We will try to cover this in our review.

About Trustee Wallet

Buying the coveted Bitcoin is not as easy for a newcomer as it might seem at first glance. Reliable services for purchasing cryptocurrency without providing personal data are few and far between. Nonetheless, it is possible to do so anonymously, and Bitcoin wallet Trustee Wallet comes to the rescue.

Trustee Wallet is a young service that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency anonymously with direct withdrawal to bank cards at minimal commissions and with the best market rate.

This service acts as both an exchange and a cryptocurrency storage. Currently, it can be accessed through mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Trustee Wallet Video Review

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Pros and Cons

Understanding the potential of a cryptocurrency wallet can be helped by looking at its advantages and disadvantages.

Among the main advantages is anonymity, which is very important nowadays. The open-source code, freely available, indicates that encryption occurs on the client's side, meaning the developer does not have access to your personal information or the money stored in the wallet. Accordingly, security can also be listed as a major advantage. User accounts are securely protected, as access to the wallet is only possible if you have the seed phrase.

Convenient and pleasant interface is also one of the main advantages of the service, which can be understood without any special skills or difficulties. It's worth noting that the wallet is exclusively available for mobile phones on Android and iOS operating systems.

The reason we're all here – the built-in cryptocurrency exchanger – allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrency profitably even using a bank card without identity verification. Favorable rates and low commissions will allow you to make a profitable transaction.

We decided to give a separate section to the loyalty program, which will be discussed a bit lower, but it's an obvious advantage of the service.

Probably the only drawback of this service is the lack of PC management, but this is not so critical when there are convenient mobile applications on popular platforms.

Loyalty Program

We decided to dedicate a separate section to the loyalty program, which includes an affiliate program and cashback.

The affiliate program is initially one-level and it makes up 10% of the commissions of the partners you invited. The second level is activated when the turnover exceeds 5,000 USDT per week and allows you to receive 10% of the commissions of second-level partners.

By the way, the minimum amount for withdrawal of affiliate rewards is 2 USDT.

As for cashback, to activate it you need to invite 5 users via your affiliate link. After fulfilling the conditions, you will receive 10% of the commission from your exchanges.

Important note: the feature is activated forever!

Our Review of Trustee Wallet

Trustee Wallet is a young service that is rapidly gaining popularity among the audience. The developers offer to use their mobile applications on Android and iOS for profitable buying and selling of cryptocurrency, as well as its subsequent storage.

As of today, we have not seen similar solutions with such a wide range of functionalities.

Within the wallet, the user has the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card or sell it at a favorable rate with low commission. The simple and clear interface will allow even a novice to do this without any difficulties.

In summary, this service is a good option for exchanging and storing cryptocurrency, which we can recommend to our partners.

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