Verification in HYIPs. Is it worth going through?

Verification in HYIPs. Is it worth going through?
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Verification is a fairly common procedure for checking and confirming identity in various areas of human activity, as well as on the Internet. We will answer the main question, «Is it worth going through verification in HYIPs?» and why, as this question worries many investors.

What is verification?

Verification is the process of confirming the authenticity of data. In life, you have encountered the verification of passport data, for example, at a bank. This is done to check if you have loans, debts, and to find out other information about you. On the Internet, verification is used to confirm the identity of the account owner on the requested site.

The main purpose of verification is to combat fraud.

Let's take an example from popular social networks Twitter and Instagram. These sites verify celebrities to guarantee users that the account is really managed by the celebrity. Profiles of users who have undergone such verification display a special blue checkmark with a tick.

Verification in HYIPs

Periodically, in HYIPs, there are cases when the administration requests user verification. As far as you know, they ask for document scans. The submitted documents confirm the information provided during registration and your relationship to the account.

As a rule, the following are requested:

1. Scan of an identity document (passport, driver's license).

2. Photo with an identity document. You need to hold the document in your hands in front of your face (selfie).

3. Confirmation of the phone number (call or SMS).

4. Registration or utility bill confirming your address.

Cases when verification is requested

There are two cases when verification is requested:

1. Verification from the start. To work with an investment project, you need to undergo identity verification.

2. Introduction of verification during operation. Such action is considered an impending scam.

Is it worth going through verification in a HYIP project?

We believe that everyone will agree with us. Our answer: under no circumstances.

Firstly, when sending documents to such projects, what is constantly joked about or feared may happen - your documents will be used, for example, to take out a loan. Not a very bright prospect.

Secondly, after some time of investing in HYIPs, you will realize what kind of projects they are, their principle of operation, and so on. HYIPs have no activity behind them, and accordingly, what is the point of sending documents?

Finally, projects with verification have much less inflow of funds, as not every investor will want to send their personal information. There are exceptions where HYIPers send fake documents, but you also risk that the administration may ask you for a selfie with a document that you don't have, and you will lose the funds you invested in the project.


We have covered the topic of verification in HYIPs so that our partners are not deceived. If you have any questions, you can always ask us, and we may be able to help you.

Let's summarize the main result of the article: going through verification of your own identity is categorically not recommended and can have fatal consequences.

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We wish everyone profit and successful investments!

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